There was a moment were I stood in the mirror and caught a glimpse of myself. I felt myself accept me for who I was internally but expect more externally. I want the way I feel inside to be reflected on the outside and to do this I need to make some changes. This is my journey,my motivation,and my inspiration.

Height: 5'11"
Age: 25
CW: 290
GW1 :260
GW2: 240
UWG: 150

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Water cooler is my BFF at work 

Water cooler is my BFF at work 

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I have some how aggravated my piriformis muscle and it’s pushing on my sciatic nerve :(  I was in a ton of pain yesterday, getting isck form the pain, thought it was my kidneys acting up and went to urgent care,

Kidneys tested fine but my poor lil hip/back muscle did not. I have been told to hold off on yoga except for a few poses and to seek physical therapy.

not gunna let this get me down.

nope. nope. nope. 

made cauliflower pizza crust with my friends last night. It was amazing, will do again and post pictures. Seriously need to get a better food processor tough 

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